What a Beautiful Country!

Feb 7, 2014 We really do live in a beautiful country.  

It was early morning when I was looking out my front window when I saw some movement in the trees. The sun was just starting to come up so it was a little hard to see for sure what is was until...

Mule deer buck

One of the largest Mule deer bucks I have ever seen made his way through the trees and following closely behind him was one of his followers (a doe mule deer).  I was so shocked by the sight of him that I just stood there with my coffee cup at my lips afraid to move and spook this beautiful monster. I just watched them move slowly across the yard and away from me before I felt I could start to move again when…

A second buck came through the trees!  He maybe wasn't as big as the first one but he was still a decent size. If you would have come across him during the season you would have been proudly taking pictures of him in the back of your truck or up on the wall.  

By this time I was almost done my first cup and went and poured a second cup of coffee. I could see from the kitchen a few more does making their way through the trees and I was trying to keep count when...

Another buck came through! This one was by far the largest of the group and I was nearly shaking with excitement when thinking of next year's Mule deer season. 

Two Massive Mule Deer

Mule deer hunting season is still a draw system in Saskatchewan but I should be "Super A" ranking next year.  After seeing this monster I am thinking I should get out and start pounding paper with my  .308 to get prepared for this coming November.

All in all I still cannot believe the beauty this property or this country has to offer.  Be it from the sunrise, sunsets, or the wildlife that is in our yard.

 I hope I never grow tired of this beautiful land and I am looking forward to the next surprise. 

New Toy   Mossberg MVP Varmint

New Toy Mossberg MVP Varmint

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2013 Snow Goose Hunt Tonight We Feast!