Blog Posts Wanted!

Calling all hunters!  Have you ever wanted to make money by simply hunting and sharing your adventures? Write a blog post and get paid!  

I am looking for contributors to join the team. Ideally I am wanting to find members that have always wanted to share their hunting adventures online but have never had the chance but any and all hunting blog posts are welcome! I'm also looking for hunting gear reviews and recipes.

No writing experience is necessary. If you would like, just send in your rough draft of what you would like to see posted and I can do the editing for you. I would of course send it back to you before I posted it online for your final review and any pictures you have are also appreciated.  Again you can send separately and I can place within the article if you don't know how. Pictures always make a blog post come alive!

All articles will be credited to you or your pen name. Any other websites that you are associated with can also be mentioned as long as the article is original content and not posted anywhere else.

Any blog entries that get selected to be placed online will be paid for. Depending on the content payment will range from $10.00 to $20.00.  

Payments will be agreed on and sent before the article goes online.

I have also been looking at getting branded gear made with the logo on them and any top contributors would be eligible for some new hunting gear!

If you have any questions or would like to contribute please use our contact form and let's turn that hunting adventure you've had into cash in your next trip!

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