An Old Fashioned Fox Hunt

Well maybe not that old-fashioned but fun none the less.  

The advantage of living in the country is you never know what you will see when you look out the window, and I almost didn't believe it when I saw it.  

As it was a work day I was making a quick cup of coffee before disappearing back into the doldrums of my office.  The Keurig was brewing away when I thought I saw a quick glimpse of red go running by the window. I took a closer look but couldn't see anything so I went back to minding my coffee when I definitely saw a flash of red this time.   

I was quick enough this time to see that it was a fox running outside the window and I went downstairs to pull out the trusty Mossberg MVP Varmint.  I still haven't had a chance to take it out on a true predator hunt so I figured this was as good a time as ever.  

Now the bad part about today was it was -28C without the windchill and, if you were walking into the wind, it felt like -40C easily.  

Regardless out the door I went and I saw two foxes about 150 yards out playing in the field.  I started to walk out towards them as stealthy as I could but when I was about 100 yards away one of them saw me and they froze in their tracks.  I brought the rifle up to take aim when they decided that enough was enough and they started to run.

I took aim as best as I could and took two quick shots with no results.  I had been shooting low.  I had picked up a box of Hornady Varmint Express .223Rem shells the day before at Cabela's but I hadn't had a chance to sight the rife in with the new ammo.  It was shooting close to where I had it but not close enough.  I saw they had disappeared over the ridge so I jumped in the truck to see if they were going to stick around for a couple more shots.  And as I crested the hill I saw they had.  

Out of the truck I jumped and fired two more shots.  They were approximately 200 yards out and again I had the same results as before except this time I was shooting high.

I figured they had enough and would have disappeared into the brush.  I jumped back in the truck to head home and just before I pulled in the driveway I spotted them again.  They were a little bit closer now but it would still have been a strong 150 yards away.  I adjusted my sight pattern again and took two more shots.

Yep same result except I hadn't been leading them enough and shot behind them.  Off they ran but this time for good.  I felt shame about my shooting performance but it was still fun just the same.  A disappointing fox hunt is still a fox hunt!

One of these days I'm going to be able to try to tan a coyote or fox pelt but today wasn't that day.


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New Toy   Mossberg MVP Varmint

New Toy Mossberg MVP Varmint