Snow Goose Hunt 2013   First Hunt

Snow Goose Hunt 2013 First Hunt


Yesterday I finally made it out.  It was the perfect morning for a mid season goose hunt.  While it turned out to be a dud of a hunt, there is nothing better then waking up before dawn to setup up your decoy spread.  goose1My spread consists of only SilloSock decoys for three reasons.  First off they are easy to store anywhere once you do a proper job of flattening them when the season is done.  Secondly I have had some tremendous hunts but using them, and third of all because I am cheap.  Every year I think to my self that I should go buy some a dozen full bodied shells only to get to the store and have a mild anxiety attack when I see the prices. 

Now I am not saying that you should only go out and only buy windsocks but if you are looking to start on the cheap side and work your way into hunting SilloSock is the way to go.  Full bodied decoy will always work while I have had geese get spooked by the SilloSocks in some conditions such as very bright mornings.  One day I will breakdown and buy a different set of decoys but not today. I was also trying out a new brand of shotgun shells this morning.  I was walking through the newly opened Cabela'Black Cloud - Snow gooses in Regina and I came across "Black Cloud - Snow Goose".  I'm not sure how long it has been on the shelf but I was willing to try it.  Product branding works again!

Unfortunately I can't tell you how they worked as I didn't even fire a shot this morning.  I am going out again tomorrow so hopefully I can give an opinion on the matter shortly.

While the hunt was a bust I was did watch a massive Mule deer buck walk across the field this morning.  As I swore to myself on the inside about not being drawn for mule deer this year I did put a mental picture of him into my databank for next year.

On the next exciting adventure...




Snow Goose Hunt 2013   What's Wrong With You???

Snow Goose Hunt 2013 What's Wrong With You???

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