Oakley Flak Jacket

When people tell me that their cheap drugstore sunglasses are just as good as Oakley sunglasses they are lying through their teeth. To start off I ordered these as prescription sunglasses out of the United States.  I'm all for shopping at home in Canada but when the difference was $400 it didn't take me long to make up my mind.  If anyone would like information on how to order these or other proscription glasses out of the states contact me here

I had never had a pair of Oakley sunglasses before so I was a little nervous about spending the money but I'm glad I did.  Oakley builds a great lens and I am now sold on their product.

Oakley Flak Jacket

Once you get used to the slight curve of their lenses you will wish you never had to take them off.  I am now thinking about just getting a pair of Oakley prescription with a clear lens for everyday use.

The lenses on the flak jacket are also removable so you can have multiple lenses for different light conditions.  The hard case that comes with the sunglasses even has a spot to store and extra set of lenses!

The only issue I have is that the person buying them (yes that's me) failed to recognize that the iridium coating, while great for driving, is reflective and can scare wildlife away.  I recently placed an order for a new set of lenses and hopefully they will be here shortly.

Overall I would recommend them to anybody and if you are comfortable enough with online shopping, ordering from our neighbors to the south is fairly straight forward and will save you a pile of cash.

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Snow Goose Hunt 2013 First Hunt

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